Thursday, 19 June 2014

Nosgoth Beta Key Giveaway! *COMPETITION CLOSED*

Do you want to join the war for Nosgoth? I have nine spare Nosgoth Beta keys (Huge thanks to Kevin Chatmajo and Andrew Fradley for the additional keys). If you want to get one, just correctly answer at least two of the questions regarding Soul Reaver 1 and you will get a Nosgoth key. As I have so many keys now, I will also randomly give out a certain amount of keys to people who ask for one, so if you are lucky, you can get one this way if you've never played SR1.


UPDATE: Thanks everybody for participating, all keys have been given out. I hope you will enjoy the game!

1. What does Raziel need in order to enter the Silenced Cathedral in SR1?
HINT: It is more than one thing...

2. There is one kind of a spear in SR1, which appears only once in the whole game. What is the name of the area it is located at and what does the spear look like?
HINT:  It was commonly found in Beta but reduced to only one in the final game. Look North...

3. How many coffins are there in the Sarafan Tomb in SR1?
HINT: I am not asking for the number of the decorative name plates.

Email your answers at ancientvampire(at) with ''TAD KEY GIVEAWAY'' as the subject. Do not post your answer in the comment section.
Please note that only players who do not  already own Nosgoth can participate in this competition. Winners will receive their key and instructions how to activate the game via email. This competition is over once all the keys have been given out.

Good luck and see you in Nosgoth!


  1. 1- the reaver

    2-in the ship just before entering rahab land . It's looks like a whale hunters spear
    3-6 coffins

    1. Please email the answers you think are correct on my email, thanks!

  2. Is it closed now that the answers are given ? I am looking for a key ...

  3. Nobody submitted all three answers correctly yet...

    1. Someone gave me a key, so I will not participate.

  4. I too looking for a key, so, im waiting for the next giveaway)
    And one question, how make SR1 TEB more stable on tablet? Because its very laggy, and often freezes =(