Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Soul Reaver OST v8

It has been two years since the seventh version of the Soul Reaver soundtrack was released and I have considered whether a re-recording might be necessary after some time. In a recent replay of Soul Reaver, I have changed the plugins around a bit and decided it might be worth a shot re-record every track with something which sounds closer to what it would be on PlayStation and on higher bitrate. While OST v7 was recorded with cubic interpolation which has better treble, version 8 was recorded with gaussian interpolation setting. This makes the sound a lot deeper and richer, while losing some of its clarity. I have also renamed a few tracks, added a few which were previously included but missing in 7. version.  The attached read me file goes into a deeper detail on what is new. I hope you´ll enjoy this latest update. I will remove v7 in a week or two, so if you want to compare them or prefer a stronger treble, download the old version here.


  1. Thanks for the updated version of the soundtrack, Raina!

  2. This brings so many good memories that I want to beat the game again :)

  3. al descomprimir me sale error >:v

    1. Hey, use 7zip to open the first archive, then it will unzip all of it.

  4. Muchas gracias amigo por sostener esta joya!