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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Powerslave Ex (Exhumed) released on PC!

Night Dive Studios just posted on their facebook page that the PlayStation version of Powerslave/Exhumed has been fully ported over to the pc. I have tried it and it runs great with lots of new possibilities such as chossing between gamepad/keyboard+mouse and featuring updated graphic options. I highly recommend this game to anybody who likes exploring and action mixed together with fighting aliens in Egypt. What´s there not to like? Huge thanks goes to Samuel "Kaiser" Villarreal who worked hard to make this project happen.

Download and more info here!

UPDATE: The download links have been taken down. It seems that Kaiser ran into some possible copyright issues and we are awaiting further notice.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Lobotomy Software History Video - Exhumed

My friend SegaFanbois put together a very informative and interesting video about Lobotomy Software and their great, mostly overlooked game, Exhumed. The video explains their background, how they were making ports for other companies and their desire to make a game on their own, which resulted in creating the Slave Driver engine. This engine powered Exhumed for pc, Sega Saturn and PlayStation. While the pc version was developed as first, it was a straight corridor Doom like game, in which the player progressed on the map to the next level. However, the console versions have completely different levels and Zelda like gameplay. Unlike any fps shooter at that time, there are rpg elements present like improving the health bar and amount of "shooting energy" (instead of bullets) and gathering different artifacts such as the sandals for improved jump, breathing mask for longer underwater swimming, and secret areas to find in each level. It also features non-linear progress, where players can choose where to go next on the map selection screen. Exhumed remains to this day one of my favourite fps games alongside Half-Life and still remains highly playable and enjoyable. Did I mention it has an amazing soundtrack? If you never heard about Exhumed yet and you like innovative shooters, this game is for you!

Exhumed Soundtrack
Lobotomy Software fan blog
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Getting all the team dolls is really a challenge but gives you dolphin and vulture abilities!

Finding the secret areas is fun and rewarding

Amun bombs serve as grenades and are very usefull