Sunday 16 May 2010

New year, new projects

Hi everybody (if somebody actually reads this :D),

I didn´t have much time to post anything new here. NC got postponed cause it consumes a hell lot of time and did not fit into our schedule so far (school, work). We haven´t abandoned it, we just need more time for preparation.

So what´s new?

I´ve started to work on my third version of Soul Reaver soundtrack which means completely re-recording each track into ogg vorbis format. When it´s done, you can look forward to Soul Reaver 2 complete soundtrack (if I get the damned game working..)

Other news is that I´m collaborating with Vincent on his 2D game LOK Revival (drawing character´s animation) and so far the project goes good. There is no news from Ascare, the creator of Fall of Nosgoth, but I hope he is doing fine.