Saturday 31 March 2012

New web episodes by Jake Pawloski, animated lost chapters to Legacy of Kain

Jake posted a new video from his web series on his channel. The first chapter explains Vorador's ressurection. The next episode will be about the return to the wasteland of Nosgoth, the final epic redemption of the series. Check it out!

Sunday 25 March 2012

Soul Reaver reboot/remake rumours

Once again, there is a rumour spreading across the internet that a new Soul Reaver game is being developed by Crystal Dynamics for XBLA. Vg247 informed about this that their mysterious souce told them about the reboot. Can we really expect for the series to be remade with better graphics or totally re-imagined? In this era of constant reboots of several franchises, it might not be that far from truth. However, Crystal Dynamics did say just a few months ago that they are not working on anything LOK related and that they are working on 2 new IPs. Personally, I wouldn´t mind a graphical update but a complete reboot might ruin the already established story. This article on CVG provides several reasons why Soul Reaver deserves a remake.