Wednesday 30 May 2012

New unseen footage from Turel´s Smokestack Area and screenshots

User Thiago found another rare footage from Soul Reaver which is found on PlayStation Zone vol. 6 demo disk. The disks includes a prototype Soul Reaver intro cutscene in which Kain wears Raziel´s clan symbol instead his own and footage from Turel´s Smokestack, Oracle´s Cave, Human Citadel and Necropolis areas as described in this article.

Here is the video depicting the previously unseen footage from Turel´s Smokestack Area:

There are also the following images found on the disk:

Raziel´s model is updated but his stance when he holds a spear is the one from the Lighthouse Demo.

Bleeding sluagh.

Thursday 24 May 2012

Soul Reaver Soundtrack Update

Hey there, Legacy of Kain fans! I have re-recorded the Soul Reaver OST in better sound quality and just finished uploading it. Its size is 1,79 GB and is 10 hours and 34 minutes long. Before downloading, please make sure you own a copy of Soul Reaver (get it from Good Old Games if you don´t have it yet). The soundtrack has now 163 tracks since I reduced a few of the redundant tracks from the previous version. The OST is divided into three parts - OST1 which includes Underworld, Raziel's Stronghold, Necropolis, Kain Encounter, Cathedral and The City tracks. OST2 includes Pillars-Tomb, Drowned Abbey, Ruined City and the Lighthouse tracks. OST3 contains a variety of prototype tracks not included in the retail version. For now, the OST is hosted on sendspace but I plan to put it on Nosgothic Realm (replacing the current OST) as soon as possible. I hope you will enjoy it!

Soul Reaver 1 OST links:

More early unseen Soul Reaver screenshots

From the article about SR1 Beta at unseen64 I have found a link to this video by kbring which depicts some more unseen screenshots from the early version of the game. The user also provided a link to an early preview article of SR when it was 20% in its development in May 1998.

Screenshots from the German PlayStation Zone Demo Disc:

Notice the lack of the Dumahim bodies and no snow.

No rain and a different torch holder.

This mural possibly depicting mourning humans was replaced by Melchiah´s painting in the retail version.

The enemy AI seems disabled since they do not notice Raziel nearby.

The symbols stretch on top of the throne.

Soul Reaver preview article:

The screenshots depict an early alpha build with an early Raziel model

Monday 14 May 2012

New TLW update, including a new Dark Prophecy section, Beta analysis and more!

The Lost Worlds got a new update! It includes Divine Shadow´s awesome analysis of the Dark Prophecy, this time you can read about Ariel and the Seer. Umah Bloodomen, the moderator from Eidos LoK forums, also provided scans of the early Soul Reaver manual which is distinct in several areas (it mentions Lake of Lost Souls instead of the Lake of the Dead, it mentions 12 bosses, and also mentions Kain´s Mountain Retreat). You can also read my in-depth Soul Reaver Beta Comparison if you are interested in deleted stuff from SR.

Tuesday 8 May 2012

New LOK WIKI section finished, poll closed and Lost Chronicle update

The Blood Omen 2 section has been finished on LOK wiki thanks to tremendous efforts of Bazielim and everybody else who participated.  The site is available for all readers or editors to join in and help with the site. If you are registered on Eidos LOK forums or Nosgothic Realm, stop by and say thanks!

The first poll on the Ancient´s Den is closed now, thanks to everybody who voted!
The question was:

What do you think about the new Soul Reaver reboot rumour?

33 people voted as follows:

54% (18) is very excited
18% (6)  will play it but think it might ruin the series
12% (4) think they need to end the original story first
15% (5) think the rumour is fake

Seems that the excitment over a new release of LOK game is dominant but ever since the rumour appeared, there have been no news regarding it. I personally think it might only be a fake rumour. This month, I started a new poll question: Have you bought Soul Reaver on GoG yet?

I also updated Lost Chronicle with new info - check the new Characters section on the main page. I covered the backstory of Kain and Raziel during Blood Omen and Soul Reaver, I hope you will enjoy reading it. I also wrote a location for every health upgrade and eldritch energy upgrade pieces in the Soul Reaver game section.