Sunday 15 November 2015

Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun Kain´s death confirmed

Our fellow dedicated LOK fan Divine Shadow just unearthed the suspected controversial idea in the cancelled Dead Sun game. According to his source, Kain was to travel back in time to kill his younger self and thus a new timeline, which is seen in Dead Sun, would emerge and would be void of both Kain and Raziel. Basically, Climax went down the route we have been told by the games would be the worst outcome (fatal paradox) and undid all of Kain´s plans to restore Nosgoth. This further strenghtens the notion, that Climax writers knew very little of Legacy of Kain storyline (we have seen that before) but Kain not being in a Legacy of Kain game? No, thank you. Divine Shadow also mentions that the game was cancelled due to poor design and narrative choices upon which millions have been spent.