Saturday 23 November 2013

Nosgoth and LOK Wiki blog updates

There have been quite a few blog posts on the Nosgoth blog page, so here is a quick summary of all of them (ascending by their post date) and blog posts from the LOK Wiki:

The fall of Razielim - part 1
The first part of the awaited blog about the Razielim.

This blog posts introduces the backstory for the Red Sisters of Anarcrothe focusing on the story of their founder, Elustra. Being helped captive by the exiled Melchahim, she used the invention of naphtha of the Melchahim leader Laderic against him

Community First Impressions of Nosgoth´s Gameplay
George Kellion unearths several photos and shares his personal view of the awesome community event held on 8. 9. 2013.

This blog post introduces the background story of Scouts, which found refuge in the twisted walls of the Dark Eden. Dubbed the Watchers of the Dark Eden, other human factions joined their cause over time. The Watchers were the first ones to realize there was a conflict between the vampire clans and seized their chance to liberate Coorhagen from the vampire influence.

Hunters - Sworn to exterminate the vampire scourge
From the distant memory of the Sarafan oder, the vampire hunters fight back against the clans and successfully recapture the mountain town of Valeholm.

Arrogant and proud just like their master, the Dumahim are skillful in weaponry and armory and love to play with their prey. Keen onto subjugating humans back into their place, the Dumahim join the war for Nosgoth alongside other clans.

The inhabitants of the harsh lava covered land and the protectors of the smokestacks which shield all the fledglings from the harmful rays of Nosgoth´s Sun.

LOK Wiki admin Baziel posted a very interesting second part of his Nosgoth Community Day experience with details more on the event itself.

Also, check out these new pages on Elustra, Laderic and naphtha on the LOK Wiki.