Wednesday 19 August 2015

Nosgothic Realm reborn

After many years of waiting, Nosgothic Realm finally got its visual and structural update it needed. The new site was designed from scratch by its owner, Tenaya. She ported over all the fanart and fanfinction and even included a new section for Nosgoth. There are some amusing things to be discovered as well. For starters, I recommend looking at the Blood Omen 2 page.

You might also wonder what happened to the old forums hosted on Yuku. Unfortunately, they have been taken over by CyborReaver and closed to all members for unspecified reasons. Therefore, the current link will take you to the facebook group instead, until Nosgothic Realm will find a suitable host for its new forums.

UPDATE: The new forums are now found here. The old forums are now archived on the old site.