Thursday 23 August 2012

Legacy of Kain reboot/remake coming? (new poll)

There are more and more reasons indicating, that indeed there is a new Legacy of Kain game in the progress. The latest one is an interview with Meagan Marie (Eidos spokeperson), who said when asked about a new Legacy of Kain game: "I can't even touch that, I can't even talk about anything related to that, no comment", while previously, Crystal Dynamics stated that they are not working on any Legacy of Kain there. However, this does not mean, that Eidos could not use a different studio to make a new game. So the new poll deals with what would you like this new LoK game to be? A Soul Reaver remake? Or a Blood Omen remake?

Also, on another note, I want to thank the Russian site Wheel of Fate, which started hosting the latest news from my blog on their site. Thanks, guys!

The poll on the previous topic "Which is your favourite deck from Legions of Nosgoth?" ended and here are the results:
Spectral Deck
  5 (18%)
Necrovampire Deck
  6 (22%)
Vampire Deck
  10 (37%)
Hylden Deck
  2 (7%)
Sarafan Deck
  4 (14%)

There were 27 voters in this poll. The Vampire Deck seems to be the most used, with the Sarafan Deck the least. If you have tried Legions of Nosgoth, you can leave a comment on why do you prefer a certain Deck over the other.
In September, we will also  have several days dedicated to this card game and will announce the dates and hours up front, so you know when we will be online and ready to play with you.

Saturday 18 August 2012

Defiance Texture Mod for download

If you would like to play Defiance with modified textures, you can use the TexMod pack v1 made by Jake Pawloski and me. We will update it in the future to include new textures for more characters. This version includes alternate textures for Raziel (SR2 style), Mortanius (BO1 style) and Ariel (SR1 style), and also a higher res background for Sarafan Stronghold, as seen in this video. Installation is simple - just download the Defiance TexMod and follow the instructions. Remember, you can always play Defiance with the original textures as well. Enjoy!

Thursday 16 August 2012

Umah´s and Vorador´s role in Defiance revealed!

Daniel Cabuco has graciously provided the long awaited answers for the cut parts of Legacy of Kain and much more! In a question about intended appearance of Umah and Vorador, Daniel replied that she was supposed to make an appearance as a vampire worshipper after Vorador was beheaded (supposedly when Raziel would have returned from Avernus), but was ultimately replaced by a cutscene with Moebius. 

According to Daniel, Raziel would be given a quest by Umah to reclaim Vorador´s head from Moebius´ statue holding his head. This would reward Umah with being turned into a vampire. Daniel also stated that the cut was necessary due to time and also that two resurrections taking place (Raziel had to resurrect Janos as well) was a bit redundant.

Monday 13 August 2012

Dan Cabuco has a new site

Dan Cabuco has made a new site, together with a forum section, so if you have any question regarding Legacy of Kain series or game industry in general, register and drop a question! The site is for now work-in-progress and will be updated. Daniel has also posted an awesome picture of Lt. Zephon on DA, so be sure to check it out!

Thursday 9 August 2012

Defiance on GoG

Hello there, Legacy of Kain: Defiance is now available for purchase on GoG for 5,99 dollars. Defiance is thus the third Legacy of Kain game to appear as downloadable game on GoG after Soul Reaver and Soul Reaver 2. Now only the Blood Omen games remain to appear there as well.

Wednesday 1 August 2012

Maps reuploaded and Soul Revenant section on Lost Chronicle

Lost Chronicle got an update regarding Soul Revenant, so head over to the Fan Archives section on page 9 and click on Soul Revenant to read more about the project. I have also reuploaded the Nosgoth maps on the site, so click on Nosgoth Maps on page 7 to download the high res versions.

More new info about the project coming soon.