Thursday, 23 August 2012

Legacy of Kain reboot/remake coming? (new poll)

There are more and more reasons indicating, that indeed there is a new Legacy of Kain game in the progress. The latest one is an interview with Meagan Marie (Eidos spokeperson), who said when asked about a new Legacy of Kain game: "I can't even touch that, I can't even talk about anything related to that, no comment", while previously, Crystal Dynamics stated that they are not working on any Legacy of Kain there. However, this does not mean, that Eidos could not use a different studio to make a new game. So the new poll deals with what would you like this new LoK game to be? A Soul Reaver remake? Or a Blood Omen remake?

Also, on another note, I want to thank the Russian site Wheel of Fate, which started hosting the latest news from my blog on their site. Thanks, guys!

The poll on the previous topic "Which is your favourite deck from Legions of Nosgoth?" ended and here are the results:
Spectral Deck
  5 (18%)
Necrovampire Deck
  6 (22%)
Vampire Deck
  10 (37%)
Hylden Deck
  2 (7%)
Sarafan Deck
  4 (14%)

There were 27 voters in this poll. The Vampire Deck seems to be the most used, with the Sarafan Deck the least. If you have tried Legions of Nosgoth, you can leave a comment on why do you prefer a certain Deck over the other.
In September, we will also  have several days dedicated to this card game and will announce the dates and hours up front, so you know when we will be online and ready to play with you.


  1. There should be another option in the poll for those that don't want a remake of Soul Reaver or Blood Omen.

    Come on, the series is a true masterpiece, especially from a plot/background perspective and there's absolutely no need for a remake (besides, Blood Omnicide is already in the pipe). Actually, there's only one thing that would be interesting to see: a final game that would bring a true end to the series. There's still many things to explore in the universe of the game and the last sequence in Defiance clearly shows us that the story is far from finished.

    Now this is said, I think it would be also great if there was a game that took place between Blood Omen 2 and Soul Reaver 1, where we could see the birth of Kain's empire, the war against the sarafans and/or other human strongholds, the (d)evolution of the lieutenants, how Nosgoth slowly collapsed, the vampire society, the Razielim and the other clans, etc. That would be amazing for the fans we are!

    But a remake? Definitely not.

  2. yeah cryptoshadow, there is a lok game like the one you're describing, that will take place between bo2 and sr1, in the making, an awesome fan game, this game is called The Prodigal Sons and if you haven't already heard about it, you can check it out here

    Oh man after seeing the video with Megan Marie and the whole "I can't even touch that, I can't even talk about anything related to that, no comment" i can almost envision Nosgoth with today's graphics, wow what a rush :)

  3. I really hope that this "new art direction" isnt anything like a comic book. I hate it when they do that to a video game that is far better with graphics focused on realism.

  4. While I agree that with cryptoshadow, in that to see the series finished properly would be fantastic it would not be a good idea from a marketing point of view (Defiance did come out in 2003 don't forget)
    A remake is far more likely, which would bring in old and new fans to the series, then we might hope to see the Legacy finish.

    As far as the new art direction is concerned I hope they go for very dark and gritty look. I found this design for Raziel that would be fantastic:

  5. What they ought to do is a prequil from the time Raziel was raised to the moment he had his wings ripped from his body. There are so many avenues you could go down and it would definately fill in some holes in the series that was previously untouched..

  6. im a huge fan of this series i the game that got me hooked was soul reaver 2 and i just had to buy all the games i am a proud owner of these games and ill never sell them because the story is sooo deep i love it

  7. A redux would be fantastic. i and as many of you fans out there are extremely lucky to have been able to experience this saga from the outset. I own all the titles and still have the consoles to play them on but it would be awesome to bring this to a new audience And be able to play them all back to back. It is unfortunate that tony jay has passed as He and many Others Lent powerful Voices to This tale but this story deserves a retelling. As long as there was no deviation there surely should be no problem...

  8. Blood Omen and Soul Reaver were amazing games, while their sequels (including Defiance) had an amazing story indeed, but let's face it, they were not as good as games as the first ones. The player was there just to see the next cutscene. No exploration, no backtrace with new abilities to see what you've missed at the first passage, no sidequests. If they could mix open worlds with story...