Saturday 28 May 2011

Site redesign and other news

It was a quite long while that I kept the same design and background for my blog, so I hope this new look is fresh and interesting. I could not resist to not put Turel from SR1 on my site :) In the next few days I will be making some new videos for my channel, since I got my hands on the Dreamcast version.

I have joined LOK wikia page, and added articles for early and later beta versions of Soul Reaver.

Viper has started redesigning the Prodigal Sons website and I am looking forward to meeting new members and participating in discussions there.

Vincent has updated LOK: Revival, you only need to swap the original exe with the edited exe file.

Thursday 19 May 2011

Nupraptor´s Retreat in Prodigal Sons

A new screenshot was published from PS! It depicts Lt. Raziel on the ledge which we could see in Soul Reaver. I have added the reference screenshots for comparison, except for this time in Prodigal Sons, it really looks spectacular in graphics as well! More info here.