Friday, 27 June 2014

The gate to the Hylden Dimension is now open

Good news everyone! My friend the Hylden finally resides within his own realm - the Hylden Dimension. He made the most accurate fan Kain model in existence and is now working on remaking the Pillars and it's surroundings to recreate scenes from SR1. If you like his efforts,  support his project by liking his page on facebook or subscribing to the newsletter on his page.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Nosgoth Beta Key Giveaway! *COMPETITION CLOSED*

Do you want to join the war for Nosgoth? I have nine spare Nosgoth Beta keys (Huge thanks to Kevin Chatmajo and Andrew Fradley for the additional keys). If you want to get one, just correctly answer at least two of the questions regarding Soul Reaver 1 and you will get a Nosgoth key. As I have so many keys now, I will also randomly give out a certain amount of keys to people who ask for one, so if you are lucky, you can get one this way if you've never played SR1.


UPDATE: Thanks everybody for participating, all keys have been given out. I hope you will enjoy the game!

1. What does Raziel need in order to enter the Silenced Cathedral in SR1?
HINT: It is more than one thing...

2. There is one kind of a spear in SR1, which appears only once in the whole game. What is the name of the area it is located at and what does the spear look like?
HINT:  It was commonly found in Beta but reduced to only one in the final game. Look North...

3. How many coffins are there in the Sarafan Tomb in SR1?
HINT: I am not asking for the number of the decorative name plates.

Email your answers at ancientvampire(at) with ''TAD KEY GIVEAWAY'' as the subject. Do not post your answer in the comment section.
Please note that only players who do not  already own Nosgoth can participate in this competition. Winners will receive their key and instructions how to activate the game via email. This competition is over once all the keys have been given out.

Good luck and see you in Nosgoth!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Gamer's Republic Soul Reaver Preview

A few weeks ago I was browsing Ebay for any magazines which would have rare SR1 info or screenshots and stumbled upon Gamer's Republic issue no. 6 from 1998. The  front cover with Raziel looked very promising... I had a hunch it will be worth it, so I purchased it almost immediately (luckily it was not expensive at all). When it arrived in the mail I was rewarded with plenty of previously unseen information and screenshots. The magazine also features and advertisement for a an official SR1 strategy guide by Millennium publications set to release in January 1999. However, in that time only the SR1 Prima guide was published as the official one. No other record of this SR1 'official' guide by Millennium supposedly exists (if anybody has any info, I'd be grateful).

Greenish SR1 logo

This page mentions the following info - it is unclear as whether there were 10 actual Lieutenants planned or it mistakenly lists 3 Kain Encounters and Priestess as part of the number:
''In victory against 10 clan leaders, special abilities are bestowed upon Raziel as he assimilates his victim's essence, every confrontation leading  to a greater being.''

 About the Reaver enhancements:
''Raziel starts out with only his claws to battle, but once he first confronts Kain, he destroys the Soul Reaver sword (the weapon Kain used to butcher his victims in the original game), and must claim it as his own in the spirit world. Once Raziel claims the sword, he can baptize it, as with other weapons, in streams of light, water, fire, spirit, imbued it with added strengths.''

About the Undercity and vampire worshippers:
''In religious undercity, zealot cult members will actually rush to torched vampires and split themselves open to pour blood over the vampires' charred remains, resurrecting them.''

 Close up of the Chapel area

 Rare close-up shot from the Sunlight Forge

 Rare close-up shot from the Water Forge

Previously unseen render of Raziel with lava as background (implying Turel's territory?)