Thursday, 24 May 2012

More early unseen Soul Reaver screenshots

From the article about SR1 Beta at unseen64 I have found a link to this video by kbring which depicts some more unseen screenshots from the early version of the game. The user also provided a link to an early preview article of SR when it was 20% in its development in May 1998.

Screenshots from the German PlayStation Zone Demo Disc:

Notice the lack of the Dumahim bodies and no snow.

No rain and a different torch holder.

This mural possibly depicting mourning humans was replaced by Melchiah´s painting in the retail version.

The enemy AI seems disabled since they do not notice Raziel nearby.

The symbols stretch on top of the throne.

Soul Reaver preview article:

The screenshots depict an early alpha build with an early Raziel model


  1. Thiago Paulino27 May, 2012 20:08

    Raina Hello, my name is Thiago and I always visit your blog, these amazing images, I ask to see the video of the German playstation zone volume 6 because it has an unprecedented video Turel's territory, you find the iso nitroroms site, you will be surprised, I'm sorry for spelling errors because I am Brazilian and not mastered the English, so I used the google translator, a big hug, bye.

    1. Hey Thiago! Glad you like my blog :) Yes, I have a similar disk which has both the Lighthouse demo and a SR trailer video with Turel´s territory in it, you can see it at

      no problem, I understood everything you said :) Thanks for posting!