Thursday, 15 November 2012

Lobotomy Software History Video - Exhumed

My friend SegaFanbois put together a very informative and interesting video about Lobotomy Software and their great, mostly overlooked game, Exhumed. The video explains their background, how they were making ports for other companies and their desire to make a game on their own, which resulted in creating the Slave Driver engine. This engine powered Exhumed for pc, Sega Saturn and PlayStation. While the pc version was developed as first, it was a straight corridor Doom like game, in which the player progressed on the map to the next level. However, the console versions have completely different levels and Zelda like gameplay. Unlike any fps shooter at that time, there are rpg elements present like improving the health bar and amount of "shooting energy" (instead of bullets) and gathering different artifacts such as the sandals for improved jump, breathing mask for longer underwater swimming, and secret areas to find in each level. It also features non-linear progress, where players can choose where to go next on the map selection screen. Exhumed remains to this day one of my favourite fps games alongside Half-Life and still remains highly playable and enjoyable. Did I mention it has an amazing soundtrack? If you never heard about Exhumed yet and you like innovative shooters, this game is for you!

Exhumed Soundtrack
Lobotomy Software fan blog
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Getting all the team dolls is really a challenge but gives you dolphin and vulture abilities!

Finding the secret areas is fun and rewarding

Amun bombs serve as grenades and are very usefull


  1. Thank you so much Raina for your amazing unstinting support for our tiny project that would no doubt have fallen on deaf ears were it not for you. You're a massive credit to the LOK community!!

    Thanks again :)

    1. thanks a lot Toops! It´s primarily thanks to your great efforts (setting up a blog, fb page, making video) to not forget Lobotomy which brought people back to Exhumed :)

  2. Exhumed som hraval na PS 1 este ako maly (dost ma ta hra vtedy desila :D). Urcite by si zasluzila vacsiu pozornost nez akej sa jej dostalo. Diky ze si mi ju tymto postom pripomenula :)

    1. ahoj, super, aspoň niekto si to pamätá :D no ja som to asi hrala v 1997-8 a mne sa to strašne páčilo. nemáš zač :) (ty si zo sectoru, že?). súhlas, je to parádna hra, asi urobím recenziu na to.