Wednesday, 26 December 2012

New Soul Revenant wallpapers from Jake

Hey LOK fans, hope you spent your holidays well. Here is a small present by Jake from Soul Revenant - a first set of wallpapers. Who would have thought chased by Melchiah could have been even more scarier! The other brethren will be posted as well. You can vote in the poll to decide which brother do you want to see next for wallpaper. In the meantime, enjoy Melchiah.

Previous poll results
In the last poll, 39% of voters stated that they bought the Steam versions of Legacy of Kain, 30% owns GOG versions only, 20% of voters owns retail games, 9% owns both GOG and Steam versions. Glad you still support Legacy of Kain even after all those years.


  1. Awesome! Can't wait to see more

  2. Gosh, as if the original model wasn't unsettling enough. Great work!

  3. Needs more bodies ;]

  4. OMG..This rocks!! Thanks a lot!!! Great job. jeje, and it´s true: Melchiah looks more scarier....I can´t wait to see more wallpapers!!! And of course, my support to LOK is endless,jejeje. Thank you Raina and Jake Palowski, great job!!!


    (Sorry if I write this, but Raina, my friends and I have changed of forum, we have a new one: this is the url:, you are welcome!!)

    1. thanks RazielFilth! Cool new site, I really like the Christmas background! Happy new year :)

  5. Hey Raina! It's SoullessDeathAngelx from Youtube. Lol. Anyways, when will any updates be posted about Soul Revenant? I know you're working hard on it, Melchiah looks even more scarier! :D But... I'm just so excited for this game. So excited that I can't even sit still. .-.

  6. Will there be any alpha/beta of Soul Revenant soon?

  7. Hey SoullessDeathAngelx :) Working on it, my programmer was really busy with other things, so gotta wait on him, sorry about the late reply.

    Rtyuiope - I plan to have a demo once I finish certain things :)

  8. I can't believe I never saw that Melchiah before. That's amazing!