Sunday, 7 July 2013

Modified Defiance Kain for Soul Revenant

I have edited the model from Defiance so it matches the SR1 intro Kain as much as possible. Thanks to Hylden´s amazing skin skills, it was possible and I edited parts of his body which I thought need overhaul (mainly face and the shoulder strap). It still needs some smalle editing here and then, but after that it will be ready for rigging. Hope you like it!

Left Kain is the standard Defiance Kain with his original skin, middle one is standard Defiance Kain with Hylden´s skin and right one is edited Kain model with Hylden´s skin.


  1. I love your work!! Best Kain i've seen:) A question, can we use your edited skin for Defiance? I hate skinny longdface kain, yours is more akin SR 2. So is it possibler and can we download it? Thanks for everything!!!

    1. I think this would be difficult, you must change the 3D-Model's size or replace it with a new one.

      I know what you mean, this Long Face and the big stalk eyes are not as like in the Intros.