Friday, 12 September 2014

Soul Reaver Alpha Screenshots

Recently, a rare footage from a supposed Alpha version of Soul Reaver has sprung up on YouTube. The video showed the first portion of the game and is different in many regards than what he have seen so far. Raziel has a white aura around him, just like the sluagh, and disappears once he switches to material realm, where the health coil appears instead. There is even the early "ying yang" shift symbol in the Glyph menu and the Glyph menu has 8 slots. However, the video was taken down not long after it was put up. The uploader said he had sold the alpha build. However, it is strange and unfortunate as to why the video had to be taken down as well. That footage has a huge historical value for all LOK fans, so I documented it in several screenshots below with short commentary. If anybody has more info about any alpha build of Soul Reaver which is out there somewhere, please contact me, I´d be eternally grateful. It supposedly has the Undercity still built in and hopefully the Turelim clan territory as well. Thanks goes to Thiago, who saved the video from being lost to the abyss.

EDIT: It seems that the video has been put back online again. Watch here.

 Raziel has white aura as soon as the cutscene starts

 The footage is very dark

 The vortex of souls looks different

The placeholder pillars symbol is seen through the warp gate

 Soul as seen in the Lighthouse demo

 There are blue particles spawned as Raziel devours souls

 The soul spawner is blue as well, unlike the green colour it has in the final version

 There is also a wondering sluagh in this area

Sluagh training room

 This cutscene starts earlier

 Walking on air is present

 The planar portal looks like from SR2/Defiance

 The debug menu in a normal font, unlike in Beta

The ying yang symbol seen before in early magazine reviews
and 7 additional slots for glyphs

 Material health coil only appears in the material realm

 The underworld entrance is left open when in the material realm

The footage ends here unfortunately


  1. Hi Raina,i've recently got some "kind of screenshots",which are not listed here AFAIK,regarding this deleted alpha video,if you're interested,please tell me a way to make me in contact with you,because YouTube changed the message feature and i can no longer send PMs there lol. Anyway,there are more Soul Reaver alphas/betas/demos than CoD games LOL I'm really thinking how much he sold it and how he even got it in the first place. :S Nice found as always :D

    1. Hey Zack! You can use the contact form on my main blog page or send an email directly at ancientvampire(at) Yeah, heh, I can´t send PMs or comment anymore on YT either... Anyway, thanks again!

    2. Thanks for answering it! I've sent another one regarding two other photos,thanks again! :D

  2. Hello! Yeah, it is rather unfortunate such things happen. Yeah, I´ve seen that post selling those builds for 300 dollars, but the person does not have them anymore nor did they keep any backup copy either...

  3. Hi again, I found this on a forum.

    his avatar really seems same as the ghostblade person who claimed to have sold the build, and is interested in tomb raider builds aslo like the ghostblade person.

    seems weird to post that after selling the build, if its same person with different name that is.

    the forum where you can find the post if interested.

    I found this when bored looking out of curiosity what I could find googleing around lol....... I really have too much time on my hands lol.

  4. this version is leaked on net for download already : D

    1. I just found this comment among the spam messages... Sorry to dig you up so late. Do you know where to download this? I´ve looked but no luck so far.

  5. The alpha footage video seems to be public again.

  6. this is the original video

    1. please put the link of the video in soul revenant

  7. Hello, any news from it? I didn't even have the early beta :( ...

  8. I need this alpha fo you know where get this?please reply

  9. I need this alpha fo you know where get this?please reply