Monday, 29 June 2015

Soul Reaver reforged by Man at Arms

We have all been patiently been awaiting this day and today the legendary blade Soul Reaver was reforged by Man at Arms. Look at the spectacular process of forging piece of metal into a fully functional replica. My only gripe with it is the inaccurate face structure (mostly eyes and nose), wrong placement of the guards and lack of any details and spirals curling the wrong way on the hilt. All in all, it is still a great looking blade and huge thanks to the guys who made it!

Final result:

Compare it with Michael Craughwell´s version:

Or this version, by Omega Artworks:

Livebyhonor´s sword:


  1. cool,finaly i have see the man at arms tutorial ,and now i can made my soul reaver *___*

  2. Is Good to Hear From you Raina ... Hope You're Doing Well !!!
    Any News on Prodigal Sons by the Way ???

    1. Hey DeathIncarnate!

      Yeah, I am doing alright, thanks :) Hope you too! I´m not affiliated with PS anymore, but you can find the latest updates on it on their FB page.

  3. Micheal Craughwell is a legend!!! His is clearly superior :D

    I actually spoke to Micheal about getting that commissioned, Was a few years back tho. I mentioned about making it longer, and apparently he has :D

    Anywho his prices were really good and he was extremely honest person, To the point of telling me shipping would be bitch XD

    Hope he'll still make it for me in a couple of years, I'll have the cash then. lol