Saturday, 1 December 2018

Soul Reaver Beta and Blood Omen Alpha new discoveries

It is really hard to believe that now, 15 years later since the last entry in the series, there are still plentiful secrets in our beloved world Nosgoth to find. In collaboration with Ben Lincoln, Gh0stBlade, Eoghan, Aevum, AesirHod, Bazielim, Kevin and Mama Robotnik, we can now show you the exciting new footage, screenshots and comparisons from these newly discovered SR1 beta versions and BO alpha versions. This is the biggest discovery we had in a while so below are links to videos and pages where you can read about our findings: The Lost Worlds and Legacy of Kain Wikia posts. For more about the Chronoplast visions and screenshots read here.

Below are videos from the actual Chronoplast rooms and Blood Omen Chess Match. More content to follow as this post will be updated!

Originally planned overworld map for Blood Omen and various screenshots:

Screenshots from Soul Reaver beta:

Last image is from ModelEx by AesirHod.


  1. Hello Raina, it's Thiago Paulino;)
    I am very happy with this fantastic discovery of the alpha blood omen versions and I am following all the material that you have provided. Something told me that GhOstBlade would have some treasures for all of us who love LOK. I wondered if I could get a copy of this material so I could enjoy it and explore it too, would it be possible?

    A big hug from Brazil.
    PS: Once again I apologize for my poor English.

    1. Hey Thiago!

      I am amazed at this myself! For the moment, the builds cannot be shared publicly, we will see what the future brings.

    2. Thanks for the return Raina, I will wait and I will be in the crowd for a future release, thank you once again and ask for any news please let me know because I will be very grateful. A big hug here from Brazil.

  2. The Soul Reaver Revenant will follow the original plot right? So I guess now you guys can have a better idea of how the last fight with Kain would work. Especially that the whole room is now unveiled, not just a floor anymore!

  3. Hello raina, where i can download the builds of soul reaver? Hope you answer me.
    And other question, you and the team of The Lost worlds we're looking for all builds of this game? I'm curious