Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Soul Reaver 2 The Complete OST v4

This is the latest update for the Soul Reaver 2 soundtrack. I have gone back and re-recorded all the tracks from scratch again so now they are all  have higher bitrate than earlier versions. I have also reorganized the prototype section. 

This latest release is also accompanied by a YouTube video upload below with the appropriate slides for each track and timestamps as well. I hope you will enjoy!


  1. Thanks for these, I recently rewatched the opening to Soul Reaver 2 and was like,"....I NEED THE SOUNDTRACKS! AAAAAAAAAAAALLLL OF EM!"

    1. That is great to hear :) They do have timeless music, don´t they?

  2. Sarafan stronghold when the violins kick in gives me so much nostalgia and chills this is the best thanks so much. Love the LoK community