Sunday, 16 May 2010

New year, new projects

Hi everybody (if somebody actually reads this :D),

I didn´t have much time to post anything new here. NC got postponed cause it consumes a hell lot of time and did not fit into our schedule so far (school, work). We haven´t abandoned it, we just need more time for preparation.

So what´s new?

I´ve started to work on my third version of Soul Reaver soundtrack which means completely re-recording each track into ogg vorbis format. When it´s done, you can look forward to Soul Reaver 2 complete soundtrack (if I get the damned game working..)

Other news is that I´m collaborating with Vincent on his 2D game LOK Revival (drawing character´s animation) and so far the project goes good. There is no news from Ascare, the creator of Fall of Nosgoth, but I hope he is doing fine.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Nosgoth Chronicles announced!

The day has finally come. I have the honour to present you the Nosgoth Chronicles project, a 3D-animated sieres based on Legacy of Kain. Visit the Nosgoth Chronicles website for more info, pictures, videos and forum. I am looking forward to meet you all there!

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Soul Reaver Screenshot Comparison - Beta vs Retail

I decided to make this comparison so that everybody could see the various differencies between the versions of Soul Reaver. The arrangement of the screenshots is as following, from left to right - the early beta, later beta and the retail version. Sometimes, there are just two comparing screenshots - this indicates that such location/object does not exist in one of the versions - in this case, the early beta. Some changes are really obvious, some not, but by taking the screenshots from the same location it makes them easier to spot. Changes include different lighting, objects, location of enemies, distinct textures, etc. I hope you will enjoy it.