Friday, 28 June 2013

An old Soul Reaver preview and review from PSM

I dug through my old Czech PlayStations magazines and decided to scan everything LOK related. The articles are very interesting since they contain very early images and information which never got into the game itself. I will post more stuff soon.

This first set of pages is from PSM no. 12, which includes a Soul Reaver review. Apart from getting Raziel´s name wrong ("Ralziel"), it features a lot of very early screnshots of areas and template enemies. It even features the test room and early Glyph icons. The review also mentions imbuing the Soul Reaver with elements of water, fire, sun light or souls of your enemies.

The "clawed" title

Early shots of Melchiah, Dumah, Ruined City and the Lighthouse

Early Rahab, the test room with glyphs and Blood Omen comparison

More shots of early enemies

Shot of Abyss and some strange star ornament in the Cathedral

Zephon and Glyphs

Undercity Lair screen on top left

Here is the preview from PSM no. 11. It mentions that Raziel constructed his wings right before Kain got his own, or that Raziel will face Kain three times and Kain having the strength of eight bosses. It also describes that by imbuing the Soul Reaver into fire, ice, water, etc., it can destroy specific enemies.

 Notice the picture of fledgling Turelim with glowing red eyes

 Early vampire and Undercity screenshots


  1. Whoa - I actually have an English-language version of this very magazine sitting next to me, with the same cover and same review! (It's issue #42 here) I had no idea it was translated in its original form for other territories. Very cool update Raina.

    1. oh really? Did they mispell Raziel´s name there too? :D Could you scan it maybe? :D haha, I love those old mags, I have tons of them. Thanks Corlagon :)

    2. Sure, I'll try and scan it shortly. It came with the Lighthouse Demo, which was the first piece of LoK I ever played. And yep, it's "Ralzeil" all over the place (in that issue and in some previous ones too) :(

    3. Yeah, that´s why I got mine! In the next issue I learned there was demo, so I had to get this one too :D

  2. It´s amazing!!! When a I was a child I saw the first magazine, but I could not buy it, :(, hehe....Awww...the nostalgia comes to me now...jejeje, the good old times!! Thanks Raina!!!

    1. Did you have a spanish version of PSM? :) yeah, its awesome to go through the old magazines, I agree, very nostalgic :D