Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun revealed *UPDATE*

Divine Shadow uncovered yet another great find about Legacy of Kain. By doing research he discovered that a single-player Legacy of Kain game was being made from 2010 till 2012 and got cancelled by Square Enix, because they believed it could not reach the expected sales amount. Legacy of Kain Dead Sun would have taken place in Nosgoth´s far future, much further after the SR1 desolate wasteland. Revolving around the story of blue skinned vampires which could shift between planes and reave souls, it would have Gein as the main protagonist, a Saradin vampire. According to Divine Shadow, the gameplay would be very much like SR1, with open world and exploration as its focus. It would have featured brutal fights and also frequent spectral realm shifting. It would focus heavily on the story of the Saradin vampires and their order, and also uncover secrets of the Elder God. (Source: Neogaf post by Divine Shadow).

UPDATE: Nosgoth´s community manager, George Kellion, provided an insight into Dead Sun and some additional artwork. He also confirmed that mp game Nosgoth will not reuse the same assets as Dead Sun nor it will share its story.

All images in this article have been originally posted by Divine Shadow


  1. All this news and talks about 'Dead Sun' project, that were revealed in the last few days, are very sad. Although 'Nosgoth' project is still alive, it seems likely we will not get the second (no third) chance to see new singleplayer game in the LoK universe in the foreseeable future.

  2. Oh this is bad, maybe the game was good but they cancelled it because of sales. And they keep the multiplayer in which I think the minority of LoK fans would be interested.

  3. You still doin Soul revenant?