Tuesday, 1 April 2014

New footage and screens from Soul Revenant

I finally got back to working on the game again and put all the levels in the world so they are pretty much ready for putting in decorations, torches, etc. I have recorded a short video of how it looks like so far. Bear in mind that animations, enemies, abilities, lighting, etc. is all unfinished and will require lots of work and tweaking. Like the project on Facebook for more news and screenshots!


  1. Hey Raina :) I forgot to come look for updates in these days 'cause I was a little busy,but it's nice to see some updates to Soul Revenant.First of all: GREAAAAAT WORK!!!!!!!!! (I noticed almost immediately some differences from the start of the video,like the lights in the underworld's corridor xD)So,uhh,when i saw it was the 1st of April when you published the update i was like "Noooooo another April Fools jokeeeeee!" (and about the Amy Hennig prank: i fell like an idiot in it even if i knew it wasn't real -__-),and after a heartbreaking attack I saw the Turelim clan territory and felt incredibly happy LOL Well,that's it :D Just keep in mind that we'll support this project anyway,wishing you the best of luck! ^^ :3

    1. Hey Zack! Thanks a lot, glad you like the updates :) Not really sure what you by you have seen Turelim Clan territory, but it will be part of the game once I'll build it :) Thanks again for your support!