Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Turel's clan territory and Lt. Raziel skin

Since the Undercity is done now, I have started working on the Smokestack area and overhead mountain paths leading to it. Follow me on facebook, where I post updates frequently. Here are the latest screenshots I took from the Smokestack/mountain area:

Also, I got an idea to have a little easter egg in the game. Since we never got to play as Lt. Raziel in Soul Reaver, I have decided to put him in my remake as an unlockable skin.


  1. Wow,niiiiice.Lt. Raziel looks a little funny but,it's WIP i guess,so it's ok.By the way,the videos related on the Smonestack area are really short,so how are you going to build ALL the map? Well,from what i've seen about the Undercity,i'm pretty sure you have a good fantasy,but it's still though xD Oh,are you going to insert the elemental reavers and their forge areas? Good job,really ^_^

  2. I'd like to play Turel's clan territory now!! It is my favourite part!! I can't wait to see Soul Revenant finished! Good work, Raina!

  3. Yeah the Lt. raziel skin its a dream come true!! i would love screens of the model from varius angles or a little video.