Thursday, 11 August 2016

New footage of SR2 Dreamcast version and BO1 Saturn version

Thiago Paulino just reported to me an exciting new find! The playable Dark Forge Dreamcast Demo of Soul Reaver2 and trailer for Saturn version of Blood Omen. Too bad the player playing SR2 demo could not figure out the shifting mechanic and in the BO1 video you can see the slightly different hud made for Saturn version. Thanks Thiago!


  1. Was that a "Reaver Pool" where Raz would get the invisible ability? Can you tell were abouts it was located? LOL at the player not being able to figure out how to shift realms.

    1. What reaver pool are you referring to? Do you mean the early elemental font? It is all from the Dark Forge location. Yeah, the guy not shifting is a huge lol, too bad, wanted to see that :(