Saturday, 7 December 2013

TAD YouTube updates

I have finally finished uploading all the parts of my SR1 walkthrough on my TAD YT channel. I´m planning to do a little special thank you video for New Year if my total views reach one million before the end of the year (only 4 000 views left!), so I hope you will like it. As I couldn´t record the credits from the pc version, I have decided to recreate it in HD and widescreen format since such a great credits deserve to be in high quality. Also, I´ve uploaded a way on how to defeat Kain under a minute. Both the credits and the second Kain encounter video are taken from part7 of the walkthrough, but I uploaded them separately so it´s easier to watch them. Hope you enjoy!

SR1 Credits - HD remake

How to defeat Kain in under 1 minute

Soul Reaver Walkthrough part 6 - Ruined City

Soul Reaver Walkthrough part 7 - Oracle´s Caves

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