Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Soul Reaver Soundtrack v8a release

Hello Soul Reaver music lovers,

since the joyous discovery of the alpha version of SR1, the complete soundtrack v8 has been re-packaged into a special edition. I have re-arranged all the tracks to match the new progression throughout the game (Cathedral comes after Necropolis now, for example) and also split indoor Lighthouse tracks into Smokestack and kept outdoor ones for the Lighthouse. Pillars-tomb indoors became Oracle's Cave instead.

There were also brand new prototype tracks discovered and are now part of the OST3 (Necropolis, Cathedral, Pillars-Tomb, Drowned Abbey, Ruined City and Smokestack) and I have added Necropolis - spectral - puzzle which I somehow forgot to include last time! Read Me file has more detailed descriptions of all the changes. Hope you'll enjoy this new arrangement!

UPDATE 29.5.2020: Added 2 tracks to OST3 (Drowned abbey - sus v2 - proto and spectral danger) and also replaced the PlayStation credits version with the one from Dreamcast as it is much higher quality.

Download Soul Reaver Alpha v8a OST Mediafire (Size: 811MB)

Download Soul Reaver Alpha v8a OST G-Drive (Size: 811MB)


  1. Tohle je ta nejlepší zpráva tenhle rok :D
    Našel jsem vás na Youtube kvůli Priestessce a Turelovi asi před 10 lety+
    Takže tisíceré díky za tolik práce a velká gratulace!

    1. To ma teší, Yoshik :) ďakujem za podporu!

  2. Hi, a HUGE fan of the LOK series here. I am eternally grateful to you for the tremendous work of ripping all of these tracks and to Kurt Harland for composing the most immersive game OST of all times. It seems though some tracks are missing from your compilation: Force Glyph and Fire Glyph only have their spectral versions and I could not find the Material ones. Nonetheless, big thanks for all your hard work on the LOK series again...

    1. Hey hey! You are welcome :) Those tracks are not missing as Stone Glyph and Force Glyph have the same material version, same thing with Fire Glyph and Sound Glyph.